BOOKS (**Must Haves, * Great References)

** Alpaca Field Manual, 3rd Edition, C. Norman Evans, DVM, $140

** The Camelid Companion Handling and Training Your Alpacas and Llamas, Marty McGee   Bennett, $45

** Llama and Alpaca Neonatal Care, Bradford B. Smith, DVM, PhD; Karen I. Timm, DVM, PhD; Patrick O. Long, DVM, $30

** The Complete Alpaca Book, 2nd Edition, Eric Hoffman and Contributing Authors, $150

* Medicine and Surgery of Camelids, 3rd Edition, Murray E. Fowler, DVM, $150

* Veterinary Parasitology Reference Manual, 5th Edition, William J. Foreyt, $50

* Building Small Barns, Sheds and Shelters, Monte Burch, $17


Alpaca Culture, $50/year

Alpacas Magazine, distributed by AOA, $30/year

American Lifestock Magazine, $32/year

International CQ Camelid Quarterly, $48/year


ANY and ALL by Marty McGee Bennett

Cathy Spalding

John Mallon