Huacaya (wah-KI-ya) – The “teddy bear” alpaca, whose full coat presents a round woolly appearance. The Huacaya fleece is crimped and very dense.

Suri (SIR-ee) – The alpaca with dreadlocks. The Suri has long, non-crimped, lustrous “pencils” growing downward.

Cria (KREE-ah) – Baby alpaca 0-6 months of age.

Weanling – 6-12 months of age.

Yearling – 12 months to 2 years of age.

Adult, Mature – 2 years of age and over.

Maiden – Unproven, breeding age female.

Junior Herd Sire – Unproven, breeding age male.

Herd Sire – Proven, breeding age male.

Unproven – Hasn’t produced offspring.

Proven – Has produced offspring.

Absorb – Loss of pregnancy in early months.

Orgle – The sound a male alpaca makes while breeding a female.

Alarm Call – Alert or warning sound.  High pitched whistle.

Hum – Hmmmmmm . . . . Sound alpacas make when they perceive things to be “not quite right.”

Scream – Screech alpacas make when they are fighting or fussing.

Pronking – Running and hopping in the air with all 4 feet off the ground at once.  Picture  “Pepe le Pew” above.

Spit – Partially digested stomach contents.

Cush – Sitting/Lying down with all 4 legs tucked up under their body.

Agist – Boarding alpacas off your property.

Skirting – Preparing fleece sheared off the alpaca for show or processing.