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Cria Kit

Cria Kit

Be sure to have a lawn chair, some rope, and a camera on hand.  Sit in the chair, tie yourself to the chair so you don't unnecessarily interfere, and take all the pictures you'd like!  Witnessing a birth is truly an amazing and wonderful event.



Bathroom Scale (for weighing cria so you don’t have to remove cria from the pasture).  Digital doesn’t work well in sunlight

2 Baby Bottles & Nipples

Frozen Colostrum (powered replacer vs supplement if you can’t get frozen)

Frozen Camelid Plasma

Garbage Bags (for placenta & dirty towels)

Clean, Dry Towels


Rubber Exam Gloves

OB Gloves

Betadine Surgical Scrub

List of Helpful Phone Number’s (Vet, Mentor)

Cell Phone/Portable Phone

Cria Birth Record

Paper & Pen

Film Canister or Empty, Clean Pill Bottle (fill with iodine to dip umbilical cord)

7% Iodine (to dip umbilical cord)

Heavy String or Shoe Lace & Wide Mouth Jar (put iodine & string/lace in jar, use string/lace as an umbilical clamp if needed)

Lubricant (OB Jelly)

Hair Blower

Pen Light

Finger Nail Clippers

Stainless Steel Bucket

Aspirator (to suck out mouth or nose)

Enema Syringe

4” x 4” Gauze Pads


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