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History of Our Farm

History of Our Farm

Kally first saw alpacas in the summer of 2003 in Alberta, Canada while visiting family. There were a number of geldings in a chain link fence pasture surrounding a rural hospital and assisted living facility. She asked her sister “What are those cute animals?” “Alpacas” her sister responded. That was it, Kally was hooked. She went home to Louisiana with only one thing on her mind, she wanted to raise alpacas. She started researching, suffered total sticker shock, but couldn’t get alpacas out of her mind. She talked to Tommy about the investment and he didn’t laugh at her or call her crazy. In fact he became a cohort in her quest. They went from not knowing what an alpaca was in the summer of 2003, to designing and constructing their alpaca farm, to bringing their first alpacas home all by the spring of 2004.

Tommy and Kally are members of AOBA, AOBA Show Division, ARI, TxOLAN, and DSAC. All their alpacas are ARI registered, BVDV negative, and halter and lead trained.

Cushy Alpacas is one of just a very few alpaca breeders in Louisiana and Mississippi. It’s in an area of the country where little is known about alpacas. Tommy and Kally face the challenge of educating the public and promoting alpacas, alpaca fiber, and alpaca end products all while continuing to thrive as a small breeding farm. Are they up for it? You Bet!

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Birthing season is so exciting!

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