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The following is a list of all the Alpacas, Categories, Events and Feature Articles on our site. We hope it will assist you in finding what you're looking for.

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Sofias Foxy Lady

Sofias Foxy Lady

Summer Solstice
Solstice has extremely dense, crimpy fleece. She gets pregnant and gives birth easily and is a very attentive mom.



If possible, it's best to transport your own alpacas by themselves.

Cushy Alpacas believes in the three “E’s” so we’re committed to making your experience with us Educational, Enjoyable, and Exciting!

Show Supplies

Show Supplies

Taking your alpacas to shows or events can be stressful to them and us two-leggeds.  Let's make it as stress free as possible.

Showing Fleece
Fleece classes, fleece sample classes, and fleece spin-off classes.

Skirting Alpaca Fleece
Skirt for processing, showing, or just the fun of it!

Skirting for Show
This is the part that's the most fun!  Getting your hands on and in this luxurious fiber.

Skirting Tables
Minimum 6’ long and 4’ wide.  Can be framed or unframed.  A single table or 2 pieces hinged together.  Sit table on saw horses or a kitchen/dining room table. 




Shearing Day

Shearing day at Cushy Alpacas is an exciting time!



Feature Articles

Sales (Animals, Fiber, Yarn)
Cushy Alpacas prides itself on breeding for quality fleece, conformation, and color.

Stillwater Minierals
Vitamins & Minerals Specifically Formulated for Llamas and Alpacas !

Staying Put and Sheltering in Place
If disaster strikes without warning you will need to shelter in place. In other cases you may decide that sheltering in place is the best option. Deciding to stay put and ride out a disaster requires the ability to meet the needs of all humans and animals on your farm. At a minimum you must be prepared to cover the basics of water, food, shelter, power/fuel, medical/veterinary, and communication.



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