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Do You Want to do This?

Answering this question will take research, research, research! 

Research through the internet, books, videos, magazines, catalogs, farm visits, etc.  Talk with your accountant, attorney, banker, and county extension agent.

           Recommended Internet Sites:


                   AOBA (Alpaca Owners and 
                   Breeders Association, Inc.)


                   ARI (Alpaca Registry, Inc.)


                   AN (AlpacaNation)

AOBA Affiliate Web Sites


                   Farm and Ranch Web Sites

          Recommended Books:

               *   Must Haves
              **   Great References


                        Alpaca Field Manual, 3rd Edition,
                           C. Norman Evans, DVM, $85


The Camelid Companion Handling and
  Training Your Alpacas and Llamas,
   Marty McGee Bennett, $45


** Llama and Alpaca Neonatal Care,
   Karen I. Timm, DVM, PhD;
   Bradford B. Smith, DVM, PhD;
   Patrick O. Long, DVM, $28


** Medicine and Surgery of South
    Murray E. Fowler, DVM, $120
    American Camelids, 2nd Edition,


** The Reproductive Process of South
    P. Walter Bravo, DVM, $60
    American Camelids,


** Poison Plant Field Guide from County
   Extension Agent’s Office

Alpacas as a Business, Eileen L. Davis, $20

Alpaca Business Plan, Eileen L. Davis, $12

Building Small Barns, Sheds and Shelters,
Monte Burch, $17

Totara Grove Alpaca Shearing Guide,
Russell and Marian Gert, $10


Recommended Videos:


          ANY and ALL by Marty McGee Bennett


          John Mallon Videos


Recommended Magazines:


          Alpacas Magazine, distributed by
          AOBA, $50/year


          American Livestock Magazine, $24/year


          Camelid Quarterly, $45/year


Recommended Catalogs:


          Useful Lama Items


          Quality Llama Products, Inc.

          Tractor Supply Co.


          Jeffers Livestock

          Valley Vet


Visit as many farms/ranches of current breeders as you can.  Different sizes and locations if possible.  Ask questions about barn and pasture layouts, fencing, alpacas.  Ask owners about their business philosophy regarding nutrition, herd management, breeding, fiber, the alpaca markets, customer care.  Find out what services they offer (sales of animals/fleece, education, customer care, breeding, agisting, etc.).


Get hands on experience with alpacas through farm visits, shows, health days, auctions, etc.


Attend seminars, clinics, shows, and auctions and drink in the education!

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