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Showing Fleece

Fleece Classes (Shorn Fleece) – AOBA has an absolute judging system judged anonymously.  Fleece are judged against the concept of a perfect or ideal fleece that would get 100 points out of 100.


The weight of your fleece in pounds divided by the days growth times 365 days equals the annualized weight.  All fleece compete on an equal basis.


Complete an entry form and mail it with a copy of the ARI certificate by the cut off date.  Complete a fleece show bag tag using the information on your skirting bag tag and your entry form.  Remove your skirting bag tag and dryer sheet.  Put the fleece show tag in the fleece bag.  Some shows allow mail-in entries.  Use UPS, FedEx or some form of shipping that allows you to track your fleece.  Contact the fleece show superintendent and ask them to be on the lookout for your fleece.


Fleece Sample Classes (Alpaca Fiber) – Judged the same as fleece classes but annualized weight isn’t a consideration.  A 2 ounce sample in a clear gallon size zip lock with a picture of the whole alpaca and a fleece show tag is mailed with your entry form and copy of the ARI certificate by the cut off date.  Cut of date for fleece sample classes is usually 2-3 months prior to the show.

Fleece Spin-Off Classes (Handcrafter's Spin-Off) - Judges card and spin an equal portion of fiber from each sample entered.  Same as fleece sample classes but cut off date is usually 3 or more months prior to the show.

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