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Folding and Packaging Fleece

Butcher roll is easy and presents your fleece in its best form.  For Huacayas, have tip side up.  For Suris, have cut side up.  Fold each length side of the fleece towards the center (in thirds lengthwise).  Gently roll fleece from one width end to the other like a jelly roll or sausage.  Watch for second cuts.  When you’re done only the cut side for Huacayas and tip side for Suris will be exposed.  Work a clean clear plastic bag around the fleece roll making sure the center (not an end) of the roll is exposed to the bag opening.  Tilt bag upright and remove excess air.  Tie knot in opening of bag down close to the fleece leaving an air hole for the fleece to breath.  Weigh the fleece in the bag.  Complete a skirting bag tag with the alpaca’s name, date of this year’s shearing, date of last year’s shearing, and weight on it.  Put tag in bag through the air hole facing it to the outside so it’s easily readable.  Add a dryer sheet to the bag for insect control. 


You can transport your fleece like it’s bagged after skirting or remove as much air as you can from the bag and put the bag in a box for shipping or put the bag in a big travel vacuum bag to fit in a suitcase.  Removing the air from fleece bags doesn’t appear to adversely affect the good characteristics of the fleece and contains the fleece keeping it intact for transport or shipment.  When you open the bag and allow air back in, the fleece expands to its normal size. 


Store your fleece in the plastic bag or a muslin bag (deters mice and moths).  Add a dryer sheet.  Fleece is best stored in a climate controlled environment.  At the very least, store it in a dry area with good air circulation.  Check your stored fleeces frequently for moisture, insect, and animal infestation.

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