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Skirting Tables

Minimum 6’ long and 4’ wide.  Can be framed or unframed.  A single table or 2 pieces hinged together.  Sit table on saw horses or a kitchen/dining room table.  Waist height on the user to reduce back strain.  Top of skirting table - PVC pipe or mesh of hardware wire, garden netting, or chicken wire.  Anything that is strong enough not to stretch and sag and has 1/2” - 1” holes. 


Nylon, plastic, wire, or PVC?  Nylon stretches and sags.  In dry environments, plastic gathers a static charge and fleece sticks to it.  Wire may rust.  PVC is more work and less mobile. 


Framed or unframed?  Framed tables are bulkier, but more stable.  Unframed tables are very light, but less stable.  With a framed table, wrapping the mesh around the outside of the frame and stapling it to the bottom or outside of the frame will reduce the chances of fleece snagging on it.

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